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Who We Are

Since 1995, PROTORCH has earned the reputation as Western Canada’s premier compressed gas apparatus remanufacturer for industrial metal fabricators, welding shops, scrap yards, rig welders, agricultural, breathing air and medical applications. Based in Red Deer Alberta, PROTORCH does not simply repair mig gun or welding torches and equipment, WE REBUILD – all makes of welding torches, cylinder regulators and Mig/Tig flow meters from manufacturers including:

PROTORCH is fully insured for liability and has ZERO claims or incidents in over 25 years of business in Western Canada. We are a fully trained and factory authorized warranty repair center for both ESAB and Victor branded equipment.

The Meticulous Process

Breakdown & Inspection

At PROTORCH, all welding torches and regulators are completely disassembled into their individual components. This stage is often skipped by other repair shops to help them save time. Their focus is on daily volume, while at PROTORCH, we focus on the quality of our work and as a result your safety.

There are 3 steps involved in our Breakdown & Inspection protocol:

1. All critical internal components such as torch mixers must be removed, inspected for flashback burns and thoroughly cleaned to remove any cutting slag and carbon build-up to ensure proper gas flow and function moving forward.

2. All soft parts, tip nuts and regulator inlet glands are discarded.

3. Any additional components are inspected and replaced as required.

Exclusive Two-Stage Cleaning

Exclusive to PROTORCH, our two-stage cleaning process that removes even the most minuscule debris that can shorten the life of your equipment.


Most brass components are media-blasted to remove all burned on carbon deposits, dirt, grease and other hydrocarbons


Designed specifically for sensitive parts such as regulator nozzles, chrome regulator bonnets and small parts that would otherwise be damaged or lost in the blast cabinet, PROTORCH utilizes a proprietary, biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning bath solution designed specifically for brass, stainless steel and aluminum.

All components, including those that were media blasted, go into our ultrasonic bath to flush any debris or trace hydrocarbons from the equipment – with outstanding results.

Finally, all brass components are polished and coated to preserve the “like-new” finish.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Bath


Extended Service Life of Regulators


Torch valves are flushed, resulting in a smooth valve operation

Reassembly & Bench Test

After all the components successfully undergo their ultrasonic bath your equipment is reassembled with all new soft parts, including o-rings, seals, gaskets, seats and high-pressure valves.

Every torch receives a new tip nut and then is flame-tested to ensure proper function and to check valves for leaks.

Each regulator receives a new filtered inlet stem and outlet bushing. It is then tested for pressure creep and holding stability.

PROTORCH maintains a massive parts inventory for every line of equipment we repair. We pride ourselves on assuring a rapid turnaround to get our customers back to work.

Quality Results that won’t leave you feeling BURNT!

Exclusive to ProTorch

Does Your
Mig Gun Look Like This or Worse?

With Protorch’s
Mig Gun 911, we will have it looking like this!

How We Do It

Mig Gun Repair Process

1. Disassemble the Mig Gun and discard o-rings, liner, handle, trigger and insulators.

2. We clean the power cable and inspected for any damage.

3. Address any gas leaks, electrical issues and inspect the gooseneck for damage.
**The trigger leads and gooseneck are replaced as required**

4. End fittings are media blasted and the gun is reassembled using a NEW handle, trigger, insulators and o-rings. The new liner is matched to your particular wire-type and diameter. We provide ample liner “stick out” so your welders can trim to their desired gas diffuser.

5. Finally, we package and label your LIKE NEW Mig gun for your inventory – fully ready to use!

Have us rebuild your Bernard, Prostar or Parker/Parweld Mig Guns for a FRACTION of the cost of new!

What Customers Say

“I didn’t want a new torch, I just wanted mine repaired”

This is a common response when a customer receives their equipment back from PROTORCH. Our rebuilds are frequently mistaken for new equipment and in most cases, they say it looks better than new.

Over the years, we have saved our customers thousands of dollars by rebuilding as opposed to buying new and in most cases, our rebuilds LAST LONGER!

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